First year anniversary

This is a first year anniversary with WordPress. Really happy to be with WordPress . Because when I was sad it makes me better because of an amazing bloggers and their blogs. And also getting such amazing bloggers and blogs here.

Thank u so much all of you..

Riding on moon and stars

I’m a lover of Ride. It’s really an amazing movement. Through this we can explore the world around us. And getting intract with nature. When we go out that we can feel the breeze, sunlight, moon light, such an amazing pleaure in the world. Especially under the moon light, that’s an soothing effect on it.In this situation (corona) we can’t go out frequently. So that I missing a ride and enjoying the nature with my sweet heart. I totally missing the world around me. One week ago my husband ask me that “can you come with me? “, I already waiting to go out. So that I ready to go out. There have a video on me that one make me feeling pleasant. And at that night time that ride makes me riding under moon and stars. Did you felt like that comment below….

Thank u so much



Earth is a gift from God…. But I don’t think like that. Instead I felt Earth 🌎 is a God not just gift from God. Because it gives life to us.

About the 👑 Queen:

I mentioned here queen is earth. Because she is an amazing one. Earth is the third planet from sun. Earth consisting 29 percentage of land and remaining 71 percentage of water mostly ocean and also lakes, rivers, and other fresh water which together hydrosphere. And It had one natural satelite moon.

The earth speed some serious speed around 30km per second. In fact, it takes 365 days for earth to complete one full orbit. Gravity is an invisible force that attracts objects towards the earth and stops us floating off into space.

Support life:

Earth is the only planet in our solar system known to support life. This is because it has two very important things that living creatures need to survive that lots of oxygen and lots of water. It’s from the sun means it’s not too hot and not too cold for creatures to live on too.

Poem ‘Earth’:

The poem ‘Earth’ written by Khalil Gibran. He describes the earth’s physical features and appreciates it. I really impressed by his poem Earth. In those days we can’t just think about the family. But he wrote about earth and its features and what humans do for our earth. That’s a poem impressed me.


How beautiful you are, earth, and how sublime!

How perfect your obedience to the light and how noble is your submission to the sun.

I have walked over your plains,

I have climbed your story mountains


You are I, Earth

You are my sight and my discernment you are my knowledge and my dreams.


Earth’s features are doing good to us and it keeps us live and give life to us. But we are destroying our nature. So please, try to save nature… Give respect to Earth, mother of us.

Laugh and be merry

Laugh and be merry remember better the world with a song,

Better the world with a blow in the teeth of a wrong.

Laugh, for the time is brief, a thread the length of a span

Laugh and be proud to belong to the old pegeant of man.

There are the lines always remembering in my mind. I read it and mug up it at my school days. This is an memory poem in my syllabus. So that I memorise it… When I was free and I write these lines in any paper or anything else. But, I don’t know what the meaning of these lines.

This is a poem written by John Mansfield. It expresses a love of ordinary people and their life in its reality. Mansfield encourages us to enjoy our lives in the world. Because, the world is joy of god. The poem lines suggested a joyful life & dance.

Best Medicine:

The poet suggests that the Laughter is a best medicine. Yes we are all know laughter is very to our health condition too. Yeah physically and mentally. Laughter helps to control our physical and mental well being.

He said that laugh and be mercy to the world 🌍. If we laugh in our lives it also can help us to attach the evil. And also if you laugh that there have no place for sorrow and bad vibrations etc.

Thread and the life:

He also compared our life with a thread and be easily lost anywhere. At the same way he compared a thread to the life. Life can easily lost like thread. So be happy 😊 ,be joyful and be mercy to the world. The earth and heaven made by God for our happiness not ego, vengeance,.. etc. And he said that we must laugh and drink from the deep blue cup of the sky. And he welcomes to join the jubilant song of the great stars sweeping by. When we saw nature our mind will become peaceful and joyous. We want to lead our life with full of happiness till the game ends ( death), we need to laugh .

Be with nature, spend your life with nature. Be happy and be mercy to the world with joy.

Devil mass

A white dressed devil, with big sharp teeth with blood with vigorous body with a beautiful eye,.. yeah , it’s a Ghost I seen. I was totally scared when I see this. The ghost’s long black hair was about six feet length. There are a scary structure of a Ghost I seen.

The ghost spoke to me that are you keeping your works regularly? I don’t know what to do now………

Some time later I feel I’m going out from my home alone, nearly about 3 feet distance a small kid ghost 👻 comes to me and ask a same question are you keep all your works regularly. With fear I don’t know what these ghosts asking to me. Again a Ghost ask ing me that did you do anything for ur lover (Husband)?. ………

Then only I woke from sleep.. yeah these are all dream. When I woke and search my love near to me that he is in deep sleep. When I think about why the ghost comes in my dream and ask like that is for some days my health condition was little bit bad. So I can’t cook anything to us for those days.. I felt little giltey about it…

What is dream? A dream is a collection of thoughts 💭 and actions in our subconscious memory. I my giltyness in my subconscious memory so that the dream come in my mind like that….

Thank u for reading my blog…

Welcome 2021

Every year I’m eagerly waiting for the new year. Truth is that I’m really not waiting for the new year but waiting for my birthday. Yeah my birthday is January 4th . So each and every year I’m waiting for the new year because then only I can get surprises, gifts, wishes, live and everything….


But this year I trying to through out the year 2020. Because, This makes us sad and it stops our life for a while because of the corona pandemic. This year begin with bad vibration and tears and then corona pandemic. And in Tamil nadu we are facing nivar cyclone 🌀 and there are people suffered a lot.

In this pandemic situation we are all learn some such importance of food, human courtesies, money and what is life and how others lead their life in all those pandemic situation.

We are all trying to see the positive of the coin in our life …. Because it treats some the qualities to us …. With this hope… This year will be the best. Congrats and all the best for all of your success in your career.

Thank you