From ignited minds

🌸Leadership must lead us to prosperity

🌸Start moving

🌸Thinking is the capital, interprise is the way, hardwork is the situation.

🌸I believe that when we believe in our goals that what we dream of can become reality.

🌸Ignited minds is about developing that conviction in ourselves, and discarding the things that hold us back.

🌸God almighty has blessed us all with something unique that we passed on to mankind through our deeds and efforts.

🌸Divine beauty should enter the human soul and happiness blossom in the body and mind.

🌸’friends, there is one thing I have realized, there is no victory in causing suffering. Truimph is a peaceful kingdom.

🌸I do not think that abundance and spirituality are mutually exclusive or that it is wrong to desire material things.

🌸Whatever you do must come from the heart, express your spirit, and thereby you will also spread love and joy around you.

🌸Dream, dream, dream. Dream transforms into thoughts. Thoughts result in action.

🌸I told them ‘friends, if there are no dreams, there are no revolutionary thoughts, if there are no thoughts, no actions will emanate. Hence, parents and teachers should allow their children to dream.

🌸You cannot treat one and ignore the other.

🌸At work in that and any other endeavour was this same desk to exceed the limits.

🌸Few people can claim to have influenced the liver of millions in such a delightful way.

🌸Role models can help us focus on what is correct for us as individuals, as groups and of course, as a nation. They can also lead us to great success. We seem to have got carried away with the success of a few in the field of information technology.

🌸Success can only come to you by courageous devotion to the task lying in front of you.

🌸Knowledge has always been the prime mover of prosperity and power.

There are all the sentences which are in the book Ignited minds by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

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