Earth is a gift from God…. But I don’t think like that. Instead I felt Earth 🌎 is a God not just gift from God. Because it gives life to us.

About the 👑 Queen:

I mentioned here queen is earth. Because she is an amazing one. Earth is the third planet from sun. Earth consisting 29 percentage of land and remaining 71 percentage of water mostly ocean and also lakes, rivers, and other fresh water which together hydrosphere. And It had one natural satelite moon.

The earth speed some serious speed around 30km per second. In fact, it takes 365 days for earth to complete one full orbit. Gravity is an invisible force that attracts objects towards the earth and stops us floating off into space.

Support life:

Earth is the only planet in our solar system known to support life. This is because it has two very important things that living creatures need to survive that lots of oxygen and lots of water. It’s from the sun means it’s not too hot and not too cold for creatures to live on too.

Poem ‘Earth’:

The poem ‘Earth’ written by Khalil Gibran. He describes the earth’s physical features and appreciates it. I really impressed by his poem Earth. In those days we can’t just think about the family. But he wrote about earth and its features and what humans do for our earth. That’s a poem impressed me.


How beautiful you are, earth, and how sublime!

How perfect your obedience to the light and how noble is your submission to the sun.

I have walked over your plains,

I have climbed your story mountains


You are I, Earth

You are my sight and my discernment you are my knowledge and my dreams.


Earth’s features are doing good to us and it keeps us live and give life to us. But we are destroying our nature. So please, try to save nature… Give respect to Earth, mother of us.

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