Devil mass

A white dressed devil, with big sharp teeth with blood with vigorous body with a beautiful eye,.. yeah , it’s a Ghost I seen. I was totally scared when I see this. The ghost’s long black hair was about six feet length. There are a scary structure of a Ghost I seen.

The ghost spoke to me that are you keeping your works regularly? I don’t know what to do now………

Some time later I feel I’m going out from my home alone, nearly about 3 feet distance a small kid ghost 👻 comes to me and ask a same question are you keep all your works regularly. With fear I don’t know what these ghosts asking to me. Again a Ghost ask ing me that did you do anything for ur lover (Husband)?. ………

Then only I woke from sleep.. yeah these are all dream. When I woke and search my love near to me that he is in deep sleep. When I think about why the ghost comes in my dream and ask like that is for some days my health condition was little bit bad. So I can’t cook anything to us for those days.. I felt little giltey about it…

What is dream? A dream is a collection of thoughts 💭 and actions in our subconscious memory. I my giltyness in my subconscious memory so that the dream come in my mind like that….

Thank u for reading my blog…

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