Human 👻 Ghost

Hi everyone✋

In this month started with  lot of works.  Because, I shifted to new home.  In here the neighbourhood sister said to me that if I was free i take a class to their childrens. I also agree to it. And I was taken a class to them for a week. Then the childrens said all of them.( their friends). I was taking a tution for children’s. Then some of the childrens come to my home and requested to take a class. I also agree to take a class and said to them if I was free only I can. If not I can’t.

     After that I clearing all there doubts & works to all of them. And taking class one by one. In this time one of a small child in a group of childrens goes to their home again and again.  I don’t know why she goes..?  After some times her mom comes with child and returned back. The child again trying to go.  But why? I really don’t know. I asked to her that why she goes repeatedly to her home? She never sees my face directly. Again I ask her than “Are you afraid because of me?” She feels like frightened.

What next? …. Again asking question, Are you feel I’m a Ghost?. Then, the child simply moves her head on right to left, left to right, front to back and back to front. Finally the word comes from her “Yes”. Through her act and speech we suddenly started laughing .

A small child also felt that if anybody taking class that they are dangerous and devil. In my childhood I also felt like that.

Truth is:

What childrens feels is teachers are always punishing us. But not like that. I also realised it in my secondary school time, when I was twelve. It because of my Tamil and social teacher Mrs. Vaasugi , such a loveable and caring one. And she is a first teacher friend in my life.

In my life for the first time I become a human Ghost. If anybody have same experience like me share with me in comment below.

I’m a human Ghost 😂

I don’t know what I really trying to say. But my mind tempt me to write about it. Thank you for reading it till end and spending your valuable time in it.

Thank you 👻

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