Inspiration Mrs srilekha

This is a continuation of my last blog. Yes, in my last blog I told about one of the motivator and inspiration for last three years to me.  Who she is?..

When I studying first year of my under graduation that I read a newspaper. I turned the newspaper. There have a pic of a lady with police uniform. My eyes moves to down. Because it’s in a downed corner of the newspaper. And  read about the article. It was inspiring.

She is srilekha.  She is the Kerala’s first female D.G.P.  before thirty years that she is the Kerala’s first I.P.S. officer. And  she finished a post graduation in English literature. Then, she worked as a lecturer and also a officer in a bank.

Mom’s desire:

Mom is a best and beautiful relationship ever. At those situation, she knows about the desire of her mom. Her mom’s desire is to become her daughter as a police officer. So that she wrote Civil Services Examination and become an I.P.S officer. Then be a DGP and she worked in many more positions is  Indian police service.


By the sincerity, activeness and cleverness gave position in C.B.I. and also worked police superintendent in three districts for four years.

Interest in writing:

She also have interest in writing. So that she wrote Nine books.

Peak of glory and fame

In her time she called as a Raid srilekha. She achieve her dream and also done a desire of her mom.


We also can achieve our dreams and goals. Be a achiever

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