In our life each and every  stages ( child, adult, youngster…) we have different views, visions and aims. I too…

Aim to become a teacher:

Everybody have an ambition. To me when I was an adult I said to my parents that I wants to become a teacher.  What is the reason behind this ambition is  a school teacher  who I like him very much.  I studied in a small and a government school. There have very less amount of  teachers. While I am studying fourth standard, that a hateful sir come to my class that he take classes for three subjects. It’s an bomb to us. Because he is strict and punishes the childrens who are incomplete in his works.

Once upon a time in our class he started a class with new chapter. But it’s not in our books. Yes it’s an handwriting practice. In government schools there have no work and practice for cursive writing. He started teaching us how to write cursive letters. He said that he don’t know how to write and he learn’d from his daughters. To hear this it’s a surprising and not easily accepted. It’s true or not I don’t know. But he teaches us. After I finished schooling thya some of them said to me that my hand writing is good and looks very neat. That credit always remembers a sir named Siva Kumar. When I like Siva Kumar sir at that time I decided to become a teacher

Ambition changed:

Yes. Like every child’s life my ambition also changed to another.

While I saw police officers on the police uniform, I affraid to cross them.  I don’t know why but when I was a child I afraid to police officials.  Then and then it cleared. But my ambition changed to become a police officer. I’m from a village. So that while I say like that everybody say you can’t become police. We can’t accept.

Small desire:

I have a small desire to bought a police kids dress and to wear it. While I was a adult my relative childrens wearing kid police dress. Some times I also fought with my parents to bought a police dress like them. This small desire become 💔.

Higher and higher:

When  I’m studying SSLC. My ambition become higher. Yes, I aim is to become an IAS officer.  Behind it there have no inspiration I remembered. 

When I’m studying my first year of under graduation course I read a newspaper ( it’s about two and half years before). I saw a lady’s picture with police uniform. Suddenly I forget  surrounds me and read about that. She is srilekha from Kerala, an IPS officer she become a one of the inspiration. She can achieve her dream. Like that we also can achieve our aim in life. About her I write Blog about her in another blog. Because she is my favourite.


If you wants to achieve in your life. First find your goal, inspiration and ambition in your life and . Then you will become an achiever.  Keep your inspiration and congrats for your achievements like your inspirational one. Each and every stage our inspiration become varies in each stage. But you find a strong goal in any stage. So keep going….

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