It makes us happy

Every human beings works for  happiness in our lives. We are all trying to be happy.  We want happiness in our life. But,…..?

What is happiness?  Why we always eagerly longs for happiness? Which acts make ourselves happy?  There have any scientific reasons behind happiness?  Do you think Like sadness happiness is personal?What is drug of happiness? Is it possible? Anything is there like a happiness drug? Do you want this drug of happiness?   Do you expect happiness in your life? How many times you are happy till this second?

Experiences of people around us:

I ask some questions to my friends about happiness?  They are all has different definition for happiness. And their expectations about happiness also different from one to one another. They are all have different ways, views and vision about happiness.  Some of them said money is happiness. Some of them said not money that is full of love and care. Some of them are eating, riding reading, writing, with group of people, lonely life,addiction of drug, alcohol, tobacco,  dancing, meditation, with nature, in city life, in village life, etc. There vision must be various about happiness.

Be happy❤️

Behind happiness:

There have some chemicals behind happiness of human beings.  Yes, In human body there are four chemicals were segrigates. These four chemicals makes us happy. These chemicals named as Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphin.


This is a one of the chemical segregates in our body named Dopamine. This is known as happiness drug. This chemical makes anticipation.  While we crosses a hotel that we smells the food smell. That time we are happy. We can’t ate it. But, the smell makes anticipation. That makes us happy.


This is a another chemical in the list of four chemicals makes the human happy. This is named Oxytocin.  This emphasizes, and socialize. While we met our friends and family and a loveable and careable person. We become happy. When we met group of people or a pet animal that we will be happy. This happiness made by the Oxytocin.


This is a third chemical in the list of four. This chemical makes us happy when we are eating. If you have any stress or struggle in you life eat. Don’t be stressful. This Serotonin segrigates when we ate our favourite foods .


This is a last chemical to make us happy. Last is not the least. This Endorphin supports us to our aim and ambition. We can’t work for 15 hours a day. But, this chemical supports to our body for our goal. If you have a strong aim, ambition or passion that the chemical supports our body. This Endorphin makes our pain as a power for our strong ambition. It hides the pain and brings power.

Life has to move on. So, If you are feeling stressful do these acts like meeting your loved one, eating, or anything you like. Life is to move on. Move on with your loved …..

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