Good People

I heard a news about my neighbourhood sister, ( like my own sister), my well wisher helps to the people who are without food and necessaries in this quarantine. And he send a invitation to me to help others in this lockdown of Corona.

In today’s world many of them spend their time for money only for themselves. But in this lockdown I saw some of the lovely and good hearted people around me. This covid-19 proves the real character of the people with us.

The selfish Giant:

In this time I remembers the story the selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde. It’s a one of the lesson in my school time.  Every afternoon, some children visited the Giant’s garden. It’s a lovely garden.  One day  the giant returned from the castle after seven years. He saw the children playing on the garden. He felt so angry. He build a large compound wall and write on it “Trespassers will be prosecuted”. Nature saw the selfishness of the Giant and the sorrow of the children.

Then, the season changed. Spring came again but,  in the Giant’s garden fully winter only. The giant mind was puzzled. He can’t understand it.  At that time the giant saw the boy crying that his heart was melted. So that he lift the little boy and put him on the tree. The tree was happy. Boy kissed the giant. Then immediately the blossoms appeared.   Then, the giant realised the nature has punished him for keeping the children away from his garden. He destroyed the compound wall.

The giant longed to see the little boy who kissed him. Every day the giant looked for the boy. One day morning he saw the tree with white blossoms and also he saw a  little boy. He sees prints of nail in his body. He asked the little boy to tell him who dared to harm him. The boy smiled and said it’s a marks of love. Then the boy invited him to his garden, the paradise. In the afternoon when the children entered the garden they saw the giant lying dead under the tree, covered with white blossoms.

In this we can learn God’s creation is for share and care. Some of the good hearted people understand it clearly and do social works like this sister.

Thanks to every socialists. This blog dedicated to all socialists.

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