Sleep Experiment

In my past blogs I shared my experience with sleeplessness. Then the suggestion of someone special I searched about sleeplessness.  At that time I read about this experiment. It’s really a cruel experiment.  I read about it at night time.  After read it really I didn’t sleep at night. The information about this experiment made me upset.

Yes,  this is a Russian sleep Experiment. It’s done by Russia on 1940s.  Yeah, the time of second world war. I can’t accept it. Because of the conclusion of it.

The scientists discovered a gas. It helps to make a human without sleep. They know it destroys sleep. But they wants to know that how many days a human can live healthy without sleep with this gas. So that they decided to use prisoners ( political prisoners)  of other country.  They tried to make tha soldiers sleepless so that they can beat the war.

Experiment begins:

The scientists pick five of the prisoners. They said to them that after this experiment they can be independent and also goes to their counties. They lockdown on the room and their necessary things like food, water, and bathroom and books everything on the room. The room fully the gas filled and they attach a microphone to heard their voice and also there have a window with a glass to watch them.

Behaviour of .:

In the beginning of this experiment they are be normal for three to four days. There have no difference in their behaviour that the prisoners talked about their life and past.

Day passing :

The day passes as  five and six. There have a difference in them. They blames others for this situation. They blames one to one another.  They become angry.


Then, after a sixth day that there have no voice. They can’t speak to others. One day a man shouts with his high level of voice with running the room. For this other four are total can’t see this. They are silent. The scientists thinks they are died. But the level of oxygen gas was decreases so that they are alive.

After ten days

They tores the papers on the book and paste it in the glass window .They can’t speak to others. So that the scientist can’t see anything on there. If the scientist see that they open it and if they open it this experiment was waste. So that they can’t open the room.

Then, after fifteen days they open the room with soldiers. One is already died and other three were died after opening it. And they wants the gas again. Experimenters also attacks the soldiers. They are attacking themselves with his hands. Th peal their skins. Their inner organs are comes out by their act. There are full of blood .Finally, the scientist asks the last man that what I write about this experiment. And what I filled in this conclusion column.  He said I am a wild animal everyday while sleeping you hide me with the sleep. I am with everybody. If I take sleep from you that you also become like me.


A man can survive without food is about 30 to 40 days. But the human only survive without sleep about 10 days. Food makes us weaker but sleeplessness makes us weaker and also madness…

Everyday when we sleeping the cells were regenerated. If we can’t sleep we become mad. Without sleep a human is not human. Sleeping is a gift of God to become fresh and active. So that, keep your sleep. Don’t watch mobile phone for long time at night. Sleep well. Night is a time to sleep.

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