Tamil New year and corona

Do you know what is new year? How the new year starts? What will you expect for newyear? Which is your plan for this newyear? Do you start newyear with the resolution? Will you keep resolution any year?

Yes, today is about this new year. This is a day of newyear (chithirai). It’s a Tamil new year.

Childhood memorable memories:

In my childhood every Tamil new year starts with the wishes of my granny, dad, mom and my lovely brother. The day starts with oil bath done by our Granny. And wearing new dresses gifted by grand mother and father and also getting the blessings of our harbingers. Then, enjoys the sweets prepared by my mom and grand mother. Those sweets are traditional and tasty also. Those memories are sweeter than that sweets. Those memories can’t be come again and also it can’t be erased. Because, those life memories gifted by parents and god


Now a days, I missing my childhood and I lost my grand father, great human soul.Today, begins with a loved soul of my lover. Every new year is a memorable day and especially today is a beautiful day because it’s a day of Dr.Ambedkar’s birthday, father of law.

Corona spoiling new year:

Every new year have lot of plans for enjoying it. But, today spoils by the Corona virus covid-19. Already here a lockdown. Today it was extended. So youngsters feels it’s a bad new year. Yes, I also feels it’s not good. But, we wants to accept the situation and move on. We can do it. This year we will enjoy the Tamil newyear with our family in home. Today’s lifestyle we can’t spend our time with our family members. So that the nature gives the time to spend time with our family. I thought it’s don’t by our God for brings a lesson that we lost our life and forgot family.


Resolutions is in our mind. Not in new year. So that I can’t take resolution.


This new year plan is to stay home and enjoy with our family. Now, I’m going cook specially for this new year. Pls, enjoy this days with your family.

The life style become different in every age. But don’t forget the tradition. Every traditional acts includes the scientific benefits… So don’t forget your tradition.

Hope everyone is safeStay homekeep hygiene… And , Be safe ….there have only one word to say that I have in my mind is to be safe… Everything will be better soon…

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