Silence of society

Corona curfew

What is silence of society? Which are included in silence of society? Is that the silence of society is good or bad? What is your view about the society’s silence?……

Yes, today full of silence….. Everyday I waked up by the sound of vehicles and other worst and irritated sounds… But, today is different. My Morning was too quite and peaceful.

Almost everyday my alarm ringing early mornings. Today…… My alarm can’t ring.. because it fears about corona so it can’t give sound. My alarm clock follows the curfew ( janata curfew) .


My friends and family also said that this is time for peacefulness and rest for the modern, fast moving and for polluted society… I also feel like this.

In today’s world we didn’t have time to spend with our family. Corona (covid-19) gives time to spend with our family.


In my surroundings the middle aged people goes to temple, church, etc for their relaxation and time passing. But here everything was shutdown. So that they are all not fine.

Youngsters are feel irritated today. Really we can’t stay home for a day (twenty four hours). Youngsters feels this is not just a day that they treats this as twenty four hourssssssss. So that they feel irritated.

We can’t feel this silence as a punishment… Pls take it as a ………………….. Choice is yours.

Every act of our life has some reasons behind that… So that we want to accept the situation and makes us happy and calm.

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