Corona increases love.

What do you think about the love of mom?  How much do you love your mom?  How much your mom loves you? What is love? Why I ask these questions ? Why I compared love with Mom and also Corona virus?………

The children’s ( son or daughter) love is infinite or not… Really I don’t know. But the love of mother is infinite…. Our mom always think about the future of  her son and daughter… She (mother) is one of the god to salute her… We wants to praise her, help her,…. Because she only cares us while she is exhausted, pain, fear,  anything else.


Today I’m going to hospital for my granny. At that time I sees people who close their face with a scarf, cloths….

Affected scenario

A mother who covers her daughter’s face with a kerchief and then she tried to cover herself…. She have two kerchiefs to cover their face . And again she uses second kerchief to cover her daughter’s face.

This is really simple to some of them. But she have two kerchiefs. She can easily safe herself from the diseases…. But he wants to save her daughter than her…. She thought her daughter is more important then herself.

This is love of mommmm. It is really easy to say. But the heart of mom can’t expected to hurt us…..


I didn’t want to praise her . Atleast Give respect to your mother. Take care of her. Because she can’t take care of herself.. she always breaths for her family and children.

Mom’s love can’t stop……..

Mom’s love won’t stop……..

Be thankful everyday to your mom…… Because she brings you to this world …..❤️