Word Power

Do you believe the power of words, compliments ? Have you feel the power of words in any second of your life? What do you think about the power of words? Will you thought that the words didn’t have power?…

When he (my loved one) goes for a important meetings and works that I congrats him. Then returned with a positive and a successful news..

While I was angry I scolds him with harsh and negative words when he goes to the meeting or anything important….. He returned with angry… And scolds me that you are the reason for my failure..

These positive and negative acts doing usually or by my words……… ? Yes, really I confused.

Then, I study about it. I got an information….the experiment with rise and a water… The water have a power to change the quality of it by negative and positivity… Our body is 70 % of water…….. Yes, your thought is right that I talk about the experiment of Dr. Masaru emoto, a Japanese scientist, tha book of the secret of water.

Dr. Masaru Emoto

For Emoto’s experiment: https://www.zumusic.org/news/432-hz-water/

Yes, our thoughts and the emotions that they produce an energy that much more powerful than what we commonly think….

Use your valuable words with patience, care, love, and humanity.

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