Sleepless nights…

Do you like sleeping? Could you work without sleep? How many days you can work without sleep? Could you imagine the world without sleep?


Usually many more nights become sleepless to me so that I used to read the story books, walking on the terrace, watching the televion, writing a letter or diary, drinking a coffee, watching youtube, etc.

The sleepless nights moves lethargic with lazyness. I hate the night without sleep. I get sleep around 3 ‘o’ clock and I forget myself and become sleepy.😴. But, Next day I can’t wake up. My physical and mental strength will be spoiled So that my pcod struggle become large.

If we sleep well, we can’t realised how long the night 🌃 is … So that we didn’t waste our night and try to keep sleep..

We don’t know how long we live,. So don’t waste your night…. Forget your depression and take a deep breath, be calm and sleep well…..

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