Addiction or habit

Do you like coffee? How many times you take a coffee per day? What do you do you didn’t get coffee per day? Could you imagine without coffee?….

Yeah.. I love lazy morning with a cup of coffee. My superb cup of aromatic coffee and the sweet smell brings freshness and relaxation to my mind and heart. I like strong coffee in a big mug. My day never moves without coffee.

My mom take a coffee or tea more than ten times a day. Taken a coffee or tea more than times is not a habit, it’s a addiction. She didn’t get coffee or tea she will become angry.

Reduction of addiction:

Yes. Me and mom addicted to it ( coffee or tea). My addiction decreases through moringa tea. Regularly I take moringa tea, this is more healthier than coffee .

Don’t make the habit as a addiction. What yours is? Addiction or habit… Choice is yours….😊

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