John doe (Common man)

A dream does not become reality through magic: it takes sweat, determination, and hardwork. By Colin dowell, former U.S. Defense secretary..

To the society:

Every common man have some of the duties to the society. If they will do their duties correctly the society will fulfilled. But they will not do it…. This is not complete. He work hard to fullfill his all those works…

To the family:

The life of common man is not an easy task. Because, he always think about his family and the growth. So he ( common man) didn’t eat correctly also…

They run and run for every day needs. And they only can make the universe better. They only do this also..

The fools only consider you the weakest community. They (the fools) forget a tree without root is died. The world without you is incomplete.. so,. you are like a 🌲.

This is dedicated to the common man who work hard without lazyness.

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