Earth is a gift from God…. But I don’t think like that. Instead I felt Earth 🌎 is a God not just gift from God. Because it gives life to us.

About the 👑 Queen:

I mentioned here queen is earth. Because she is an amazing one. Earth is the third planet from sun. Earth consisting 29 percentage of land and remaining 71 percentage of water mostly ocean and also lakes, rivers, and other fresh water which together hydrosphere. And It had one natural satelite moon.

The earth speed some serious speed around 30km per second. In fact, it takes 365 days for earth to complete one full orbit. Gravity is an invisible force that attracts objects towards the earth and stops us floating off into space.

Support life:

Earth is the only planet in our solar system known to support life. This is because it has two very important things that living creatures need to survive that lots of oxygen and lots of water. It’s from the sun means it’s not too hot and not too cold for creatures to live on too.

Poem ‘Earth’:

The poem ‘Earth’ written by Khalil Gibran. He describes the earth’s physical features and appreciates it. I really impressed by his poem Earth. In those days we can’t just think about the family. But he wrote about earth and its features and what humans do for our earth. That’s a poem impressed me.


How beautiful you are, earth, and how sublime!

How perfect your obedience to the light and how noble is your submission to the sun.

I have walked over your plains,

I have climbed your story mountains


You are I, Earth

You are my sight and my discernment you are my knowledge and my dreams.


Earth’s features are doing good to us and it keeps us live and give life to us. But we are destroying our nature. So please, try to save nature… Give respect to Earth, mother of us.

Laugh and be merry

Laugh and be merry remember better the world with a song,

Better the world with a blow in the teeth of a wrong.

Laugh, for the time is brief, a thread the length of a span

Laugh and be proud to belong to the old pegeant of man.

There are the lines always remembering in my mind. I read it and mug up it at my school days. This is an memory poem in my syllabus. So that I memorise it… When I was free and I write these lines in any paper or anything else. But, I don’t know what the meaning of these lines.

This is a poem written by John Mansfield. It expresses a love of ordinary people and their life in its reality. Mansfield encourages us to enjoy our lives in the world. Because, the world is joy of god. The poem lines suggested a joyful life & dance.

Best Medicine:

The poet suggests that the Laughter is a best medicine. Yes we are all know laughter is very to our health condition too. Yeah physically and mentally. Laughter helps to control our physical and mental well being.

He said that laugh and be mercy to the world 🌍. If we laugh in our lives it also can help us to attach the evil. And also if you laugh that there have no place for sorrow and bad vibrations etc.

Thread and the life:

He also compared our life with a thread and be easily lost anywhere. At the same way he compared a thread to the life. Life can easily lost like thread. So be happy 😊 ,be joyful and be mercy to the world. The earth and heaven made by God for our happiness not ego, vengeance,.. etc. And he said that we must laugh and drink from the deep blue cup of the sky. And he welcomes to join the jubilant song of the great stars sweeping by. When we saw nature our mind will become peaceful and joyous. We want to lead our life with full of happiness till the game ends ( death), we need to laugh .

Be with nature, spend your life with nature. Be happy and be mercy to the world with joy.

Devil mass

A white dressed devil, with big sharp teeth with blood with vigorous body with a beautiful eye,.. yeah , it’s a Ghost I seen. I was totally scared when I see this. The ghost’s long black hair was about six feet length. There are a scary structure of a Ghost I seen.

The ghost spoke to me that are you keeping your works regularly? I don’t know what to do now………

Some time later I feel I’m going out from my home alone, nearly about 3 feet distance a small kid ghost 👻 comes to me and ask a same question are you keep all your works regularly. With fear I don’t know what these ghosts asking to me. Again a Ghost ask ing me that did you do anything for ur lover (Husband)?. ………

Then only I woke from sleep.. yeah these are all dream. When I woke and search my love near to me that he is in deep sleep. When I think about why the ghost comes in my dream and ask like that is for some days my health condition was little bit bad. So I can’t cook anything to us for those days.. I felt little giltey about it…

What is dream? A dream is a collection of thoughts 💭 and actions in our subconscious memory. I my giltyness in my subconscious memory so that the dream come in my mind like that….

Thank u for reading my blog…

Riding on moon and stars

I’m a lover of Ride. It’s really an amazing movement.  Through this we can explore the world around us. And getting intract with nature. When we go out that we can feel the breeze, sunlight, moon light, such an amazing pleasure in the world. Especially under the  moon  light, that’s an soothing effect on it.

In this situation (corona) we can’t go out frequently. So that I missing a ride and enjoying the nature with my sweet heart. I totally missing the world around me. One week ago my husband ask me that “can you come with me? “, I already waiting to go out. So that I ready to go out.    

There have a video on me that one make me feeling pleasant.yes this is a video I taken at 🌃. And  at that night time that ride makes me riding under moon and stars. Did you felt like that comment below….

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar was an Indian economist, politician and social reformer. He was also known as Babasaheb Ambedkar. He campaigned against social discrimination against the lower castes or Dalits of the country. Completing his doctorate from Columbia University and The London School of Economics, he gained reputation as a scholar for his research in economics, law and political science. 

In the early phases of his career, he was an economist, professor and lawyer. Towards the later phases, he was actively involved in campaigns for India’s independence. He published journals and advocated for political and social rights for Dalits. He made a significant contribution to the establishment of the state of India. He was the first Minister of Law and Justice of India and the chief architect of the Constitution of India. 

He had a Marathi family background and was from the town of Ambadawe in Ratnagiri district of modern-day Maharashtra. Ambedkar was born into a poor Mahar (Dalit caste), who were treated as untouchables and faced a lot of socio-economic discrimination. Although he attended school, Ambedkar and other untouchable children were segregated from the rest of the children and given little attention by teachers. They were not even allowed to sit inside the class. He had to sit on a gunny sack which he took home after school. When they needed to drink water, someone from a higher caste had to pour that water from a height as they were not allowed to touch the water vessel. It was usually the peon who did this for him and on days when the peon was not available, he had to go without water. He had later described this as “No peon, No water” in one of his writings.  

During British rule, Ambedkar’s effort for the political representation of the oppressed untouchables of India bore fruit in the 1920s. The colonial state was forced to include two members from among the Dalits in the Round Table Conference in 1930. This eventually led to the framing of the Government of India Act, 1935.   

From 1927, Ambedkar launched active movements against untouchability. He began public movements and marches to open up public drinking water resources for all. He led a satyagraha in Mahad to fight for the right of the untouchable community to draw water from the main water tank of the town. He also began a struggle for the right of Dalits to enter Hindu temples. In a conference in1927, Ambedkar publicly condemned the Hindu text Manusmriti (Laws of Manu), for ideologically justifying caste discrimination and “untouchability”. He ceremonially burned copies of the ancient text. On 25th December 1927, he led thousands of followers to burn copies of Manusmrti. Since then 25 December is celebrated as Manusmriti Dahan Din (Manusmriti Burning Day) by Ambedkarites and Dalits.  In 1956, he converted to Buddhism, initiating mass conversions of Dalits which eventually led to the Dalit-Buddhist movement. 

A few days after completing his final manuscript ‘The Buddha and His Dhamma’, he died in his sleep on 6 December 1956 at his home in Delhi.  

Finally there have such an amazing news. Now the life history of Ambedkar will have been telecasting as epdisodes.

Thank u

Human 👻 Ghost

Hi everyone✋

In this month started with  lot of works.  Because, I shifted to new home.  In here the neighbourhood sister said to me that if I was free i take a class to their childrens. I also agree to it. And I was taken a class to them for a week. Then the childrens said all of them.( their friends). I was taking a tution for children’s. Then some of the childrens come to my home and requested to take a class. I also agree to take a class and said to them if I was free only I can. If not I can’t.

     After that I clearing all there doubts & works to all of them. And taking class one by one. In this time one of a small child in a group of childrens goes to their home again and again.  I don’t know why she goes..?  After some times her mom comes with child and returned back. The child again trying to go.  But why? I really don’t know. I asked to her that why she goes repeatedly to her home? She never sees my face directly. Again I ask her than “Are you afraid because of me?” She feels like frightened.

What next? …. Again asking question, Are you feel I’m a Ghost?. Then, the child simply moves her head on right to left, left to right, front to back and back to front. Finally the word comes from her “Yes”. Through her act and speech we suddenly started laughing .

A small child also felt that if anybody taking class that they are dangerous and devil. In my childhood I also felt like that.

Truth is:

What childrens feels is teachers are always punishing us. But not like that. I also realised it in my secondary school time, when I was twelve. It because of my Tamil and social teacher Mrs. Vaasugi , such a loveable and caring one. And she is a first teacher friend in my life.

In my life for the first time I become a human Ghost. If anybody have same experience like me share with me in comment below.

I’m a human Ghost 😂

I don’t know what I really trying to say. But my mind tempt me to write about it. Thank you for reading it till end and spending your valuable time in it.

Thank you 👻


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